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The clock has ticked away...

by jaspar 12/10/2014 9:32:00 AM

It has only been 5-years since I last posted here – which frankly is quite an achievement.  At the time of producing this web-site, the designer did utter the apocryphal words, that an out-of-date blog/glug was a sad blog/glug !

Much has happened in these 5-years, but to bring you up to speed, I am now working from my office and home in Burnham-On-Crouch, Essex.  I am still offering collections of drinking wines that I think are worthy of promotion and finding parcels of fine and rare wines from cellars of good provenance.

The TV world with The Alan Titchmarsh Show came to a close in November when Alan aired his very last show, but I was there to see him off in a similar style to that with which we opened in 1997 – namely English Sparkling Wine – I have attached the part of the show that I was in :



2015 holds more parcels of fine wines to show and more Corporate Entertainment Events – the world of fine wine continues to be tough as we wait for a large correction in the price of Bordeaux wines.  The vintages of 2009 and 2010 were sold en-primeur at such high prices it is hard to see who will want or be able to afford to drink them.  There were large numbers of cases sold into ‘Wine Investment Funds’ and I expect that to exit these funds the wines shall have to be sold at considerably lower prices.  Who knows, another freak year like 2009 might come along and another region might remove their alcohol taxes on wine and we could see another spike to act as a get-out-of-jail card for these funds.

I shall return to the English Vineyards in the early spring to see how the 2014 Vintage is evolving – it was a cracker of a harvest.  English Sparkling wine goes from strength to strength and if you were not able to purchase any wines from this year’s offer then hold on as we shall do a similar offer after Christmas.

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Ciao for now ! 


June really is ‘bursting out all over’ !

by jaspar 6/17/2009 7:33:00 AM

We have just finished a very well supported En-Primeur campaign for the 2008 Red Bordeaux. The quality to price ratio seemed to chime with a discerning clientele. We still have a few cases left, so if you have not put your toe in the water and would like to please give me a call – 01473  82 78 70.

There are a number of offers which will hit your computer screens over the next few weeks and I mean literally hit, as we launch the Jaspar Video Wine Tasting Library. Our top offers will be featured via a video tasting recorded live in my offices. The first such tasting is an offer of various wines from Innocent Bystander Winery in Yarra Valley, Australia. These wines are a MUST, and the nature of the deal means that they are all at £100 a case, which is a steal!

The next tasting is a flight of vintages from Chateau Musar, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon.  This promises to be an excellent tasting and is backed up by a small amount of cases. I shall be tasting :  2001   -   1999   -   1997   -   1993.  It is interesting that when there is a particularly poor year in Bordeaux this is nearly always matched by an excellent vintage at Musar.

There will also be 3 chances to come and taste older vintages of Musar at The Jaspar Corbett School of Wine. Dates are yet to be firmed up. I am hoping to be able to show vintages as far back as 1969 – this will be a Masterclass of Musar and numbers will be limited to 8 per event. Dates will shortly be published on our Wine School tab.

On TV – next Tuesday on ITV 1 at 9pm is the fourth programme in the Aussie Ladette to Lady which includes the girls having a fine wine tasting presented by Jaspar !  Don’t blink, the 3 hours that we filmed hit the cutting floor rather aggressively – anyway much fun was had and three weeks ago I went back to film series 2 which will be out in the autumn.

Let me have some feedback on the wine tasting video and better still why not take a few cases !



Jaspar's Glug - May 2009

by jaspar 5/26/2009 6:11:00 AM

Well here is a very belated up-date of the Glug – May !

February March and April were rather busy. The Alan Titchmarsh Show was in full swing as well as a couple of other projects that are somewhat related. We are now off air until late September when we are back for the winter run on ITV1.

Whilst on the TV vein, I filmed my part in the Aussie Ladette to Lady Series 2 show last week. I travelled up to Hereford to meet the last 5 girls and take them through a wine tasting. All was very jolly and really rather well behaved – all quite unusual. I am delighted to report that Aussie Ladette to Lady series 1 will be aired on ITV1 in June this year. This programme was filmed last November and was such a hit down under that ITV bought it.

The first signs of life in The City came in late March with enquiries for bookings of wine events from ‘Jaspar Corbett Entertains’. This side of life has been very quiet since last September. I am adding two new tastings to these events for the summer and autumn. The first is a blind tasting of Champagne V’s English Sparkling Wine. The second is a dinner based event which takes the party on a journey through the history of Chateau Musar, this extraordinary winery in the Bekaa Valley.

English Wine   -   I attended the St George’s Day English Wine Tasting on 23rd April. It was an excellent tasting held at Chelsea Football Club and very well attended. The great and the good were there and some wines were showing very well indeed. Do try Chapel Down’s ‘Bachus’ 2008 – a white wine with lovely apricot overtones and a good weight of fruit, hint of ripe melon and then a crisp sauvignon like finish. This is really good!

The Berlin Tasting – on 5th May I attended a really fascinating tasting hosted by Eduarado Chadwick, proprietor of Errazuriz Winery in Chile. I have tasted their wines twice on The Alan Titchmarsh Show and on both occasions they have been well received. On this occasion around 50 guests all from the wine trade, took part in a blind tasting where Eduardo Chadwick put his top three wines from 2005 & 2006 vintage up against Lafite, Latour, Margaux, Solia, Ornalia and Opus 1 all from 2005. It was a fascinating event with Margaux, Lafite and Solia taking the first three places with Errazuriz Don Maximiano 2006 taking fourth place. These are definitely wines to be looking out for.

Lavinia Brown   -   Lavinia worked with me back in the late 90’s, she ran the Hong Kong Office for Mayfair Cellars. I was delighted to receive a parcel in the post yesterday in which was a copy of her first book – ‘Cracking the Wine Code’  -  I have only just stared it, but recommend you get a copy. Her passion for the subject jumps out of each page. It is £8.99 and can be found at independent book shops or through her web site www.laviniabrown.co.uk

Trading   -   There was little to celebrate from the 2007 Burgundian vintage particularly the reds. One very bright glimmer was   Rully Blanc 1er Cru Les Margottes 2007 Domaine Durieul-Janthial  -  £ 225.00 inc VAT and we were able to secure a pallet. We still have 15 cases available. This is drinking now and will evolve over the next 2 years. The wine is due to arrive in the next couple of months.

Bordeaux 2008   -   I had not expected to make an offering for this vintage as I fully expected the French to keep prices high and make it a nonsense – well I got that all wrong. Prices were way down and the wine tasted well from the barrel. I have just a few cases left, so if you do want to add to your cellar please call !

Wishing you a very sunny start to what I hope will be a long hot summer for us all.



January 2009

by jaspar 1/28/2009 3:22:00 AM

Well 2009 is now well under way.  The Alan Titchmarsh Show is back on our screens on ITV1 every week day from 3-4pm and I am back doing the wine slot each Thursday.

I say wine, but we have evolved the item a fair bit over the last 18 months. Last week I did a tasting of the most popular winter warmers – from Hot Toddies to Bailey’s Latte.  I have to say, if you haven’t yet had a Bailey’s Latte please try one they are Grrreat !  You can get the recipe by going to Alan Titchmarsh’s web site ;  www.alantitchmarsh.com  - follow the links to me and you will arrive at will of the winter warmers that we tried.

Next month I make my debut on ‘Ladette to Lady – Australia’. This has been produced for Chanel 9 in Australia but I think that it will also be shown on ITV2 – more to follow when I know for sure. Anyway, it was a lot of fun and I conducted an extensive tasting with a rather predictable outcome !

February will see the launch of “The Jaspar Corbett School of Wine”.  This has been on my mind for a couple of years now and recently I have had a number of requests so I thought it time to put my toe in the water. There will shortly be a link on the website, but if you would like to know more please send an e-mail to tasting@compasswines.co.uk

On the wine front I shall be offering a number of wine from the 2007 Vintage in Burgundy.  I am not as bullish about this Vintage as many commentators. I found a lot of good white wines and a few excellent ones. I struggled more with the reds and have a fairly thin offering here, just what I think are the very best wines. Please e-mail me directly for more information on jaspar@compasswines.co.uk

Other than this, I am back looking at parcels of distressed stock of which there is no shortage. To add to this I have some really super parcels of wines that Merchants have long stock positions in and some very pretty prices shall follow.

On the Fine Wine Market we are now seeing a lot of stock and prices are weakening. By early spring there will be some excellent purchases to be made, I just hope that there will still be some buyers in the UK !

All best wishes,  Jaspar


TV, Ale and White Burgundies

by jaspar 10/29/2008 3:52:00 AM

I have been very lax in updating my Glug and have received a lot of flak, which is quite reasonable.

I have been busy on a number of fronts. September saw the start of Series 3 of The Alan Titchmarsh Show. This is Alan’s day time chat show on ITV1 in which I present his Thursday Wine Item.

We record the penultimate Wine Item tomorrow which is on Real Ale and based on an article which will appear in Country Life this week. It seems that fine Ale has made it onto the lists of top Restaurants!

The fine wine market has continued to remain buoyant while all around seems to be collapsing. Can the prices hold up against the odds?  Back in 1990 the fine wine market was on its knees and prices were very low. As the prices continue to climb one just can’t believe it will be long before they suffer the same fate as the stock markets.

August and September also had a number of Corporate Events which took me off in a different direction. On this subject, if you would like to know about the Events we do please get in touch. We have done a really fun event with Champagne and English Sparkling wine – can you find the rogues?

The offers we have got out at the moment have a rather White Burgundian feel. Over the last few years the wine trade as a whole has faced a question –

“Why is White Burgundy maderising ?”

There are so many woeful tales of bottles just going over the top at far too early an age. It would seem that a combination of inferior cork and a desire to make a more approachable wine has led to this decline.

For this purpose we are now offering White Burgundies for drinking now. So please have a look at the offer.

That’s all for now. Please do give us a CALL if you would like any information, it is always good to hear from you in these days of electronic communication !




by jaspar 7/4/2008 6:17:00 AM

So July is with us and we hope it will continue where June left off, blazing hot days of cloudless skies.

The news from Bordeaux is not so good. The Chateaux are clearly struggling to sell their 2007 Vintage at the prices they would like.

Any vintage ending in a 7 seems to have a curse upon it. I have memories of the infamous 1997 vintage which was offered into a market stricken by the collapse of the Hong Kong stock exchange, which had started a few months prior to the vintage being offered. Back then, the Chateaux ignored the state of the market and a number of merchants did the same fearing that they might loose their precious allocations. Those who remember that vintage are unlikely to make that mistake again!

The UK Trade has given the Chateaux a clear message that this poor vintage cannot demand the prices that they are asking. A number of later offers have shown a decline of around 25% on last year’s price, but to most this is still not enough of a reduction.

That said the Fine Wine Market for older vintages continues to be strong with certain vintages going mad. Lafite 1982  at £21,000 a case under bond has been a highlight! I remember struggling to sell this wine for £725 back in 1994. I would really like to know who is buying these wines at the prices to drink – can someone make an introduction for me, PLEASE!

On a brighter and somewhat cheaper note, I had the chance to lunch in London with Grant and Helen Burge owners of The Grant Burge Winery of The Barossa Valley in Australia.

Grant’s top wines, Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego are all well known on the International stage – they are among the finest wines from Australia. What he is less well known for, particularly in the UK is the level below this. Over lunch we tasted our way through a large number of these from which I have made a selection of those I thought were particularly fine. I have attached the offer which I highly recommend.

The winery has a truly classic old world style and ethos. These wines will suit those who wish they could find just a little more fruit in their Bordeaux and Rhone wines and also who don’t want to splash out silly amounts of money!

That’s all for now. Please do give us a call if you would like any information, it is always good to hear from you in these days of electronic communication !