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by jaspar 7/4/2008 6:17:00 AM

So July is with us and we hope it will continue where June left off, blazing hot days of cloudless skies.

The news from Bordeaux is not so good. The Chateaux are clearly struggling to sell their 2007 Vintage at the prices they would like.

Any vintage ending in a 7 seems to have a curse upon it. I have memories of the infamous 1997 vintage which was offered into a market stricken by the collapse of the Hong Kong stock exchange, which had started a few months prior to the vintage being offered. Back then, the Chateaux ignored the state of the market and a number of merchants did the same fearing that they might loose their precious allocations. Those who remember that vintage are unlikely to make that mistake again!

The UK Trade has given the Chateaux a clear message that this poor vintage cannot demand the prices that they are asking. A number of later offers have shown a decline of around 25% on last year’s price, but to most this is still not enough of a reduction.

That said the Fine Wine Market for older vintages continues to be strong with certain vintages going mad. Lafite 1982  at £21,000 a case under bond has been a highlight! I remember struggling to sell this wine for £725 back in 1994. I would really like to know who is buying these wines at the prices to drink – can someone make an introduction for me, PLEASE!

On a brighter and somewhat cheaper note, I had the chance to lunch in London with Grant and Helen Burge owners of The Grant Burge Winery of The Barossa Valley in Australia.

Grant’s top wines, Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego are all well known on the International stage – they are among the finest wines from Australia. What he is less well known for, particularly in the UK is the level below this. Over lunch we tasted our way through a large number of these from which I have made a selection of those I thought were particularly fine. I have attached the offer which I highly recommend.

The winery has a truly classic old world style and ethos. These wines will suit those who wish they could find just a little more fruit in their Bordeaux and Rhone wines and also who don’t want to splash out silly amounts of money!

That’s all for now. Please do give us a call if you would like any information, it is always good to hear from you in these days of electronic communication !