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TV, Ale and White Burgundies

by jaspar 10/29/2008 3:52:00 AM

I have been very lax in updating my Glug and have received a lot of flak, which is quite reasonable.

I have been busy on a number of fronts. September saw the start of Series 3 of The Alan Titchmarsh Show. This is Alan’s day time chat show on ITV1 in which I present his Thursday Wine Item.

We record the penultimate Wine Item tomorrow which is on Real Ale and based on an article which will appear in Country Life this week. It seems that fine Ale has made it onto the lists of top Restaurants!

The fine wine market has continued to remain buoyant while all around seems to be collapsing. Can the prices hold up against the odds?  Back in 1990 the fine wine market was on its knees and prices were very low. As the prices continue to climb one just can’t believe it will be long before they suffer the same fate as the stock markets.

August and September also had a number of Corporate Events which took me off in a different direction. On this subject, if you would like to know about the Events we do please get in touch. We have done a really fun event with Champagne and English Sparkling wine – can you find the rogues?

The offers we have got out at the moment have a rather White Burgundian feel. Over the last few years the wine trade as a whole has faced a question –

“Why is White Burgundy maderising ?”

There are so many woeful tales of bottles just going over the top at far too early an age. It would seem that a combination of inferior cork and a desire to make a more approachable wine has led to this decline.

For this purpose we are now offering White Burgundies for drinking now. So please have a look at the offer.

That’s all for now. Please do give us a CALL if you would like any information, it is always good to hear from you in these days of electronic communication !